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Our Clients

Our Clients

We like our clients very much.  They are the sense of our existence, their interests are the aim of all our  actions. And their smiles are the best payment for our labor.

Among our clients there are:

  1. Gill Builders Limited (
  2. Kaah Express UK Ltd. (
  3. Anshika International Ltd. (
  4. Siara Accident Clauims Ltd. (
  5. Hi-Speed Services UK Ltd (
  6. Handyman 4 U Ltd. (
  7. HEATHROW 3PL SOLUTIONS LTD. Mrs. Lissy Johnson, Director.
  8. FASHION DEVELOPEMTN CENTER (FDC), Mr. David, Chief Director
  9. INVESTMENT360 Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Abdi Dhair, Manager.
  10. HOMETEL Mr. Paul Smith, Manager
  11. DHILLON FARMS VEG UK LTD. Mr. H Singh, Manager
  12. STAZ TEL LTD. Mr. Shahid Shah, Manager
  13. PETRO SUPERMART,HARROW, Mr. A Patel, Manager
  14. Arcadian Services UK Ltd.Southall, Mrs. A Faheem, Operation Manager
  15. Harrow School of Business & IT, Harrow
  16. Zaskin College, South Harrow


By becoming our clients you can evaluate our services too!
It's easy.

Our Clients
The Team
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